August Garden Update – 2013

Our garden is crazy right now – everything is over growing the beds and its feels a little jungle like out there. But on the upside we’ve been getting lots of great veggies – zucchini, beans, peas, carrots and even tomatoes. We chose not to get a CSA share this summer and I’m happy with that choice – we almost have too many veggies in our garden right now!

imageLooking into the main garden

imageCarrots, beets, onions, beans and peas

imageOur “side” garden

imageCorn – so close to being ready

imagePotato flowers, which hopefully means that the vines are producing spuds

imageBig beautiful sunflowers

imageOur first successful tomatoes

Tonight I picked almost a full meal from the garden – all I added were some sausage and a spaghetti squash a friend brought by. I love, love, love that we’ve been able to stop buy veggies and just eat out of our garden.



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