A Little Bit of Life Lately – Sept 9, 2013

Things have been busy since we returned from vacation. I have a hard time believing that it has been a month now! Here’s a little bit of a catch up of what we’ve been up to since then.

School started up for me as soon as we got back. I am so excited to be back at the same school I was at last year and teaching in my specialty. It is nice to have some security job-wise and to have my awesome co-workers back.

20130909-213034.jpgScience is fun – and pretty

Now that I don’t have days free, working out has been an adjustment, Since my triathlon I haven’t made it back to the pool but Mer and I went for a nice ride in Springbank over the long weekend. We had great weather and enjoyed our 32 mile ride even if we didn’t get a fancy snack break.

imageLovely hills on our ride

The honey flow is over and we’ve been processing our harvest. The bees did great and I think the honey tastes better than last year (which means it is extra delicious!). Just last night we finished filtering the last of it – now we just need to jar it up.

20130909-213110.jpgThe honey supers waiting to be processed

There has been much eating of garden veggies (to make up for the almost veggie free meals in Newfoundland). Our garden has been going crazy – so many beans and zucchini.

Cats and zucchini

imageOur crazy garden

It’s fall here so we’ve been taking advantage of the lovely September weather and swimming in the river almost every day. Even I have been getting in to cool off.

imagePatches taking a late afternoon swim

This weekend we headed downtown to watch the riders in the Tour of Alberta. It was my first cycling race and it was pretty cool to watch! It was also great to be out in the city with so many other people out – I’ve never seen the pathways so busy. Definitely a fun couple of hours.

I hope that our fall continues to be full of other fun adventures – we have some lawn bowling, hopefully a couple more rides and lots more walks by the river planned and I’d love to get out to the mountains again soon.


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