It’s Fall – Time to Get Back to Working Out

Since my triathlon I have been slacking off in the exercise department. Its been nice to just hang out but that can only last for so long. Now that all my summer activities are over it’s time to get back to the trails, weights and pool!

I finally cleared out all the extra furniture that has been clogging up my basement so my weight set is accessible – I’ve got my NROL out and a few new hand weights to make it easier.

Our neighbours gave me a bike trainer when they moved our so now I’ve got my bike set up for some indoor riding too. It’s not the fanciest trainer but I hope that it will allow me to ride a couple of times a week over the winter.

We finally went back to swim lessons. It’s been great to have someone else planning the workout and helping with technique. I’ve made it back to the pool once on my own but I’d like to go a little more often. Once it gets cold the idea of working out inside usually makes it easier to get up early enough to go before work.

And as for running, it has cooled off enough for the dog to enjoy it again. He doesn’t have as much energy as he used to but we’ve been doing a few miles a couple of times a week. I love running in the fall and I’ve got to take advantage of it before it snows. Plus, the park is just so pretty in the fall!



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