A Weekend in Invermere

Last week was fall break (yay!) and even though I spent most of my week off working on the house Jon and I did find a few days to sneak away. We’d never been to Invermere so I booked us two nights at Copper Point Resort as a mini-vacation for Thursday to Saturday. I think it was a pretty good choice – the resort was quiet and that side of the mountains still had some pretty nice fall weather.

imageThe view down the valley

I’d booked us a one-bedroom suite so we had a full kitchen, living room and giant king sized bed. The resort has a couple of outdoor hot tub (plus an indoor pool and hot tub) so after we checked in we spent some time soaking. Then I hit up the fitness centre for a run (my first on a treadmill in years!) before dragging ourselves into Invermere for some dinner. We ended up at Birchwood where we enjoyed a really relaxing (and tasty) meal. We followed it up with another soak in the outdoor tub and called it an early night.

It was foggy when we woke up on Friday but by the time we’d had breakfast it was starting to clear and we went down to investigate Lake Windermere. It was chilly but a quick walk along the paths warmed us up.

imageLake Windemere


From there we grabbed a coffee at Kicking Horse Coffee and headed south towards Fairmont Hot Springs.


We really wanted to eat at From Scratch (which is located right near the resort) so I figured a few hours of hiking on the trails at the resort would allow us to work up an appetite and see a little bit of the valley before lunch.

We ended up hiking/walking about 5 km on several of the trails in the area (Owl, Columbia Lake and Holland trails form a rough loop south of the resort). The views certainly aren’t breath taking but since the elevation gain is almost nothing it’s not bad.



It was only a couple of hours but I felt hungry enough after. From Scratch didn’t disappoint – I had the most amazing arugula salad and berry ice tea, plus a pretty tasty goat cheese sandwich. Worth the 20 minute drive from Invermere! We loved the food so much that we grabbed a few extra items for a stay in dinner at our hotel later.


Completely full we headed back to Copper Point to just enjoy an afternoon of doing nothing. More swimming, soaking and some reading in front of our fireplace made for a relaxing evening. We had to wake up early to head home on Saturday morning so I brought the stuff to make pancakes and we breakfasted in our suite before heading home. It ended up being just a quick trip but a little time away to relax was exactly what we needed.


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