A Day In The Life – November 6 2013

My day starts at 3:30 am when I’m woken up by the cats running around the house. Luckily their “game” only lasts for a few minutes and I fall back asleep.

My alarm goes off at 5:20 am and I hit snooze for 10 minutes to snuggle with Jon. After that I reluctantly get out of bed and get dressed to take Patches for his walk. Jon is heading to the field so Patches and I help him load his truck before we start our walk. It usually takes about 20 minutes to walk our “morning loop” but Patches is a little more distracted this morning by all the rabbit prints in the snow.

We get home at 6:15 am and I put on the coffee before getting in the shower. Patches seems to know that Jon is gone for more than the day and waits for me outside the bathroom, barking while I shower. Then it’s feeding time for the pets and I drink a cup of coffee while I do my hair.

My favourite breakfast lately is a banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Jon gave me a Nutribullet for my birthday and I use that to blend up a couple of bananas, a spoonful of cocoa powder, some Greek yogurt, a few spoonfuls of PB, protein powder and soy milk. I pack that and the lunch I made last night into my school bag.


The morning smoothie in progress

I feel like being comfortable today so I put on my favourite merino wool dress, a scarf and boots while the car warms up.


Outfit for the day

Then it’s time for a goodbye treat for the pets and I’m out the door just after 7 am.

The pets enjoying their morning treat

Traffic is quiet on my drive to work and I get to school by 7:45 am. I use my commute time to plan my day and then the half hour before the students arrive to eat breakfast and do a little marking. My students arrive at 8:10 am and then it’s into the full swing of teaching. Today we’re investigating what I fondly call “carp-ocalypse” and then we’ve got a production of Julius Caesar before lunch. I spend my lunch dealing with some paper work and then it is more “carp-ocalypse” for the afternoon. My teaching day is done at 3 pm and I spend 45 minutes making sure I’m ready for tomorrow.

My drive home always takes a little longer and today there is more traffic than normal. I realize half-way home that I was supposed to pick up my egg share so I have to do a little backtracking. By the time I’ve done that its 5:15 pm before I get home. Patches and I have a quick snack and then head out for our run.

I am not liking DST – now my after work runs are dark just like my morning runs. Our usual route is closed so we run along the top of the bluff and then through the off leash park for a total of 4 miles.


A dark run tonight

I have a craving for salad so I drop the dog off and then head to the grocery store. I’m home in 15 minutes and its already past the pets’ dinner time (6:30 pm). I feed Patches and the cats and then put some leftover beef stew on to reheat. While dinner is warming up I do a few chores and read (currently reading The Wilder Life) while I eat. We settle down on the coach for a few minutes and then Jon comes home. I sit with him while he eats dinner and we review some documents we need to sign.

After dinner we drive downtown to the office to scan and send our documents. We bring Patches who investigates every office. We’re back home by 9 pm and then it’s just a few minutes of reading/blogging in bed before lights out at 10 pm.

My days feel really, really busy lately and like I’ve lost my normal routine. It will be interesting to see how today compares to my daily routine in a few months and if I feel like things return to normal!


One thought on “A Day In The Life – November 6 2013

  1. I’m sittiting here admiring your productivity, and really thankful we have a scanner at home. I really hate having to drive into Spruce Grove when I get a call at half four. The builder has addendums’ to be signed asap. Thankfully, unless something like kitchen cabinets I chose are out of stock, the only time I need to go in now, is to check on progress and measure rooms. Easily accomplished on Saturday when I go in to join Dan for lunch after he finishes his morning overtime.

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