It’s official – we’ve bought our next home!


We looked at over 30 houses before we found this one but once we saw it things moved quickly! I’ll be sharing more about the new place when we move (end of January) but some highlights include:

– closer to downtown
– still close to dog parks and running trails
– fenced back yard
– 1250 sq feet – that’s huge compared to our 800 sq foot house right now
– lots of garage space (and some of it is heated!)
– three bedrooms on the main floor so I can have office space
– a huge basement with 9′ ceilings (no more taking my weights upstairs to lift over my head)

The house is dated but well looked after so while we do have a few immediate fixes (new furnace, hot water tank and basement toilet seal) we can spend our winter living in it without having to get right back into major home repair mode.

I’m pretty excited – there will some adjustments to be made but overall I think that we’re going to be very happy!


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