It’s (Run) Streaking Time!

Calgary has just come out of any early winter cold snap – a few -26C days really made it a struggle to get out on the trails. Last year I did the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak to keep myself motivated through the chilly weather and this year I’m doing the same to keep myself running right up until the New Year.

The rules are simple – 1 mile a day from November 28, 2013 to January 1, 2014. Like last year I’ll be trying to get that first mile in before work and then hopefully get a few more in to bring up my rather dismal mileage this year.

To help me out I bought myself a new pair of winter runners -another pair of MT1010s to replace the older version I had this spring. This year’s model is a little flashier and hopefully will be a little warmer than my current minimalists.


I’m looking forward to trying them out on Monday’s run (even if I would prefer it to be warm enough to wear my other shoes!)


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