RW Holiday Run Streak 2013 – Week 1

I like training and running schedules that start on a Monday so I went ahead and
started my running streak on Monday. I haven’t exactly been overachieving this week but enough to still be in the game. The weather has been mild so it hasn’t felt like winter running but I still miss my lovely summer running days.

Monday – 2.5 miles
Patches and I went for a dark trail run after work to test out my new shoes. They are pretty great!


Tuesday – 3.5 miles
It wasn’t as dark when we started so Patches and I added an extra loop through the other off leash park.

Wednesday – 2.5 miles
Same loop as Monday!

Thursday – 1 mile
Patches and I officially started the streak with a 1 mile run before work. It was dark and he wasn’t really into it so it took us over 15 minutes.


Friday – 1.25 miles
Another mile before work kind of day. I really thought I was going to run after work but instead spent my evening just laying on the couch.

Saturday – 2 miles
My reluctant running companion and I went out for 2 miles before breakfast. It was a lovely morning but Patches wasn’t really into it and we had some errands to run.


Sunday – 1 mile
Sunday is my swim day so we just did our mile minimum before heading to the pool.

Total – 13.75 miles

This week is calling for a winter storm and freezing temperatures so winter running is going to get hard again!


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