Knitted Leg Warmers

I haven’t done a craft in forever but I wanted to l learn to loom knit so I could use it in my fashion course and leg warmers seemed like an easy enough project for a beginner. I used this leg warmer pattern as inspiration and the made modifications for a larger size and chunkier wool.


I used three skeins (82 m each) of of Cozy Wool (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 4.5 oz) in dark grey and then some left over pieces of other coloured wool for accents.
I used the purple loom (31 pegs) to make leg warmers big enough for my legs.

I cast on using the e-wrap stitch and then created a lower cuff by knitting in a ribbed pattern. The body of the leg warmer is alternating rows knitting and purling and it is finished with another ribbed section. Because my loom has an odd number of pegs the ribbing has one section at the back where the pattern isn’t the same but you can’t really tell unless you look closely. To create a ribbed cuff, alternate knitting a traditional knit stitch (I used a u-wrap stitch for my “knit”) with a purl stitch as you work around the loom. I started with a knit stitch and my 31 peg is also a knit stitch to make sure the ribbing works out (which is where the pattern is off). This video shows how to do the stitches for a knit two, purl two pattern and you can uses these same stitches to create the remainder of the project.


u-wrap knit stitch

Knit 12 rows (times around the loom) of rib stitching (alternating knit one peg, purl one peg) using dark grey wool to creat a 2.5″ cuff.

Create the body of the leg warmer by knitting alternate rows of knit and purl (garter stitch) using the same dark grey wool to make a chunky knit style. I wanted to have enough leg warmer for a slouchy look so I knit until this was 11.5″ long.

Knit another 12 rows of ribbing (alternating knit a peg, purl a peg) in the dark grey to start the upper cuff of the leg warmers. To add some colour I then knit a striped section of ribbing: 3 rows of rib stitch in a pale grey, 3 rows of rib stitch in dark grey, 3 rows of rib stitch in teal blue, 3 rows of rib stitch in medium grey, 3 rows of rib stitch in teal blue, 3 rows rib stitch in dark grey. This created an upper cuff of approximately 5″.

To finish I knit one row of very loose u-stitch and then cast off using a crochet style cast off as demonstrated in this video. Without the row of loose knit stitching the cuff was too tight after I cast off but with the knit stitching it kept the opening wide enough to still slide up over my calf. I then finished them by using a large needle to weave in the loose ends.


I’m pretty happy with the results of my first loom knitting project. They are a welcome addition to my evening lounge wear – especially this week with the horrible winter weather we’re experiencing.


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