RW Run Streak 2013 – Week 2

This was definitely the coldest week of running I can remember! We had that huge snow storm on Monday, followed up with days of freezing temperatures and snowy trails. Thankfully the weather has warmed up and next week promises to be less horrendous.

Monday – 2.5 miles
The storm actually wasn’t too bad in the morning so once I’d bundled up I figured I’d just run two loops. See, hardly any snow:


Tuesday – 1.25 miles
I wanted to give myself extra time to get to work so I only had time for one mile. Patches had to wear his winter boots and it takes so long to put on all those layers.


Wednesday – 2.5 miles
Another longer morning run. Once I get bundled up sometimes it is just easier to stay out there. For most of the week I had to wear long underwear, fleece pants, windbreaker pants, two merino shirts, wool socks, a puffy jacket, my balaclava, a toque, two pairs of gloves and my winter running jacket so it was no easy feat to get dressed!

Thursday – 1.25 miles
Just a quick loop before work.

Friday – 3 miles
We had a PD day so I was home in time for a daylight run in the park with Patches. Patches was very tired of winter running and hid in the basement when I tried to put his boots on.


Saturday – 3.25 miles
It was windy (and sunny) so Jonny persuaded me to wear some ski goggles instead of my sunglasses. I think they look silly but they were awesome at keeping my face warm and dimming the brightness while not fogging up.


Sunday – 1 mile
Took today as a “rest day” and just did the minimum. It was certainly warmer and it felt nice to run in normal winter running gear (tights, toque, a few merino shirts and my winter running jacket).

Weekly Totally – 14.75 miles
Streak Total – 28.5 miles
Daily Average – 2 miles

That was a hard week with the weather so I’m looking forward to week #3 having some milder temperatures.


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