Day in the Life – December 11, 2013

My alarm goes off at 5 am and I wake up completely disoriented. Jon is away so I started the night sleeping on his side of the bed but between the cats and the pillows I’ve somehow arranged myself horizontally across the bed. I hit the snooze button for 10 minutes and then decided that I’ve actually got to get up.

I give Jon a quick call during which Oreo tries to bite me and the phone. Patches is already up and waiting by the door for our run. I’m actually looking forward to the morning run because the weather forecast was for warmer weather but when I look at the outside thermometer it still reads almost ­-20C.

I bundle up and head out with Patches on our “morning loop” by 5:20 am. He’s in his own world and takes us through a different back alley on a little adventure. I go along with it because I’ve got some extra time this morning. After our loop I drop Patches off at the house and go out on my own for another 2 miles.

I’m done just after 6 am and hop in the shower. Then it’s time to feed the pets and make a coffee. My father-­in­-law bought a Tassimo when he was here the other week and while I hate all the plastic waste it produces, it is handy for when I just want one cup of coffee.


Latte in hand I head down the basement to blow dry my hair. One thing I’m really excited about with the new house is having electrical outlets in the main floor bathroom but for now I’m still downstairs to do my hair. About three quarters of the way through drying my blow dryer dies. Its been on the way out for a few months now but this is sort of rotten timing. There isn’t much I can do and since I got the front part dried I just go with damp hair.

I start the car, get dressed and make a toasted almond butter and banana sandwich for breakfast. I check my advent calendar and Jon has given me this:


I grab my breakfast, lunch and work stuff and say goodbye to the pets. The drive to work has been pretty bad with the snow lately so I am happy to be out of the house by 6:50 am. It still takes me 45 minutes to get to work, but that isn’t as bad as it has been.

At school I do some paper work and organise my classroom for the day. Then the students arrive and it’s away we go until lunch time. I’ve got lunch supervision so I quickly heat up my soup and eat before I head outside to supervise. After lunch is the same as the morning and it seems to take forever today.

I’m really obsessed with crackers, cheese and pickles so I have a few after work while I do some marking. I head home around 3:45 pm and it only takes me 45 minutes to make the drive.


Once I get home, Patches and I head out for a quick walk to mail some forms. It’s much warmer so we both actually enjoy being outside. Once we get back I spend half an hour tidying up the house and making lunch. Then we settle in for a little bit to just relax – all I’ve wanted to do since I got home was curl up with a book for a few minutes.

I drag myself away from Insurgent at 6:45 pm and head out to meet some friends for wings. We spend some time catching up but we’re all pretty tired and it is an early evening. I have to stop and fill up the car and then it’s home. I make a hot chocolate and Donnelly joins me for a little TV watching.


It’s bed time at 10 pm and we get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

I’d forgotten how busy December can be – Jon is usually in the field and we’re always treading water until vacation starts. It’s just a few more teaching days until break and I’m looking forward to having some time to catch up!


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