Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap 2013 and Our Christmas Tree

The weather has finally warmed up and Jon has come home – making this the perfect weekend to finally get our Christmas tree!

Like last year we headed to the Junior Forest Warden lot in Kananaskis to cut down our tree. I haven’t been out into the mountains in forever so it was nice to be out in the woods, even if it was just for a short while. It was pretty busy – lots of families out cutting trees – but once we walked to the back of the lot it was just the three of us. Patches loved being out for an adventure – he raced around like a puppy. We found a tree, carried it back to the truck and then had a hot dog (yes, even Patches).


Having our tree up meant that I could hang the lovely ornaments I got from Amie in the Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap. I know she ran into some hassels shipping it to me and I’m happy that she perservered with it! She sent me this super cute ornament of Patches:


And this customized Blogger Christmas Swap ornament:


They fit perfectly in with our current decorations:

The house feels so much more festive now that we’ve got the tree up and our outside lights plugged in!


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