RW Run Streak 2013 – Weeks 3 and 4

The last two weeks of running have been uneventful. It’s December, it’s cold and the pre-holiday busyness set in. But, we’re still streaking and this is the very abbreviated version of two weeks of running.

Week 3

Monday – 1.5 miles
Tuesday – 1 mile
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – 2.75 miles
Friday – 1.25 miles
Saturday – 1.5 miles and we went and picked up our Christmas tree!
Sunday – 1 mile and our usual swim club.

Weekly Total – 12 miles

At some point during the week it snowed – a lot – and was cold. I can’t remember which day but it certainly made our run slower.


Week 4

Monday – 1.25 miles
Tuesday – 4 miles – it was warm but I knew it was supposed to cool off so Patches and I went for a longer run.
Wednesday – 1.25 milesĀ 
Thursday – 4.25 miles
Friday – 1.25 miles – and I also rode my bike trainer for 30 mins
Saturday – 1.5 miles
Sunday – 1 mile – there were coyotes, strange dogs and rabbits everywhere so Patches had to work hard to keep an eye on everything as we ran.

Weekly Total – 14.25 miles

Streak Total – 55 miles

There are 10 official streaking days left! Now that I’m on vacation I will have to work hard to get my runs in before the day gets busy but I’m also excited about running during daylight hours and greeting some winter trail running in.


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