Fitness Gadgetry Christmas

I had a lovely Christmas – stockings, coffee, brunch, gifts, a run with my sister, turkey and cheese cake. I got absolutely spoiled by my family who indulged me in my love for technology and fitness with lots of great gear and gadgets. My husband has a knack for buying me amazing items that have nothing to do with my wish list but always end up being on my “love it” list after I’ve received them.

This year he managed to completely surprise me with a Fitbit Force – I’ve never even thought about owning an activity tracker but in the past few days I’ve had my Fitbit I’ve become a bit of an addict. I used to have a pedometer (waaaaaay back when) but the Force is a lot more than just that. I like the goal setting, was pleasantly surprised that the device doesn’t look outrageous on my tiny wrist and because it has the digital display can use it as my every day watch. I really wish it was waterproof (for swimming, and those times I forget to take it off before I shower) and I am a little concerned about the durability of the band – hopefully none of those are actually issues and I get lots more fun out of my new toy!


He also bought me a scale – this one from Withings – which sends info to my iPad and means I no longer have to remember my last measurements. Scales seem to be one of those controversial health items but I personally enjoy hoping on one now and again.

And his final big gear gift was a gravity water filter. We have an excellent pump filter for hiking but while canoeing last year I fell in love with our friends MSR gravity filter. It was great for filtering water for a large group and makes sense when your campsite is right beside your water supply. I hope its appearance under the tree means that Jon is going to take me on a spectacular canoe trip this summer.

My sister got in on the tech gear gifting with a pair of running mitts from REI that allow me to work the touch screen on my phone while wearing them. I know that these aren’t new inventions but are already proving to be an amazing addition to my winter running gear. Now I can take selfies of Patches and I while still keeping my fingers toasty.

And my Dad made sure that I am prepared (at least gear-wise) for the upcoming road riding season with a bike computer, new seat bag and bike multi-tool. I’ll know exactly how fast I’m going (which might be depressing) and be prepared to at least provide the right tools to who ever stops to help me with bike repairs.

I’m already using everything that is winter activity friendly and gazing longingly at those that require warmer weather. All these news toys definitely mean I’ve got extra incentive to make 2014 full of activity and adventures.


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