RW Runstreak 2013 – Week 5

Week 5 was my first week of Christmas vacation and it was glorious not to have to get up before the sun to fit in my daily mile. It was also a week of (mostly) warmer weather so it was enjoyable to be outside.

Monday – 3 miles
Jonny and I also went for a skate on the outside rink at Eau Claire – the ice wasn’t great but they had hot chocolate, cookies and a cosy fire.


Tuesday – 1.5 miles
Patches and I went for a quick Christmas Eve run and then I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts.

Wednesday – 3.75 miles
My sister and I took Patches out for a post-Christmas run to test out all of our new gadgets. The river path was finally open so we ran the “usual loop” for the first time in forever.

Thursday – 4.75 miles
Patches came for the first bit and then I enjoyed a solo run. This was my longest run in a while so all I felt like doing for the rest of the afternoon was crashing on the couch with a book.

Friday – 1.5 miles
Jonny and I went swimming in the morning and then I snuck my run in between lunch and an afternoon movie (we saw Anchorman 2).

Saturday – 1.25 miles
We had a “flash freeze” and it was cold!

Sunday – 1.25 miles
Fit in our short run before swimming.

Weekly Total – 17 miles

Streak Total – 77 miles


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