2013 Goals List – Recap

Before I post what I plan to do in 2014, it seems fitting to see how I did in 2013. Let’s start with what I accomplished:

Health and Fitness

  • Complete a triathlon – done! I completed the Strathmore Women’s Triathlon in August.
  • Run new routes – done! I tried a new trail along the hill in my usual park and ran at Baker Park. I also ran new routes in Newfoundland.
  • Floss more – yup!
  • Make my current running streak into 50 days – done! I finished a 50 day running streak on January 10.
  • Complete another running streak – done! I did the RW Holiday Runstreak from November 25 to January 1, 2014. 38 days of running and 82 miles.


  • Take at least two (week long) vacations – done! We travelled to Belize and Newfoundland for two very awesome vacations.
  • Use my passport again – done! We travelled to Belize which finally gave me a stamp (well, three actually) in my new passport.
  • Visit one new place in Alberta – done! We visited Lakeland Provincial Park on our canoe trip which is a part of Alberta I’d never visited.
  • Take a weekend trip somewhere – done! We spent two nights in Invermere to relax during my fall break.


Around the House

  • Fix nagging home repairs – done! To sell the house we fixed the floor, touched up the paint, put a new floor in the basement and installed a new closet.
  • Declutter – done! While preparing to sell our house we had to move out (and get rid of) a ton of stuff. Our living space feels so much better and I wish I’d done it a long time ago.
  • Grow veggies we actually want to eat – done! We grew lots of lettuce, raspberries and even some tomatoes. Our final harvest was more than any previous year and we’re still eating garden grown veggies in December.


  • Read 20 non-fiction books – done! This was harder than I thought it would be but forced me to read some stuff I never would have.
  • Read 5 books I already own – done! This is the list of books I read that I already owned.


  • Make wearing sunscreen a habit – done! I bought myself some fancy sunscreen that includes a stick version (sort of like a lipstick) that makes it easier to carry around and apply.


And here is what I didn’t get done:

  • Participate in two races – I did one (my triathlon) but just couldn’t commit to that second race.
  • Finish NROL – again, this will be moved to another year.
  • Run 1000 miles – not even close! 2013 was my lowest mileage year since I started keeping track – 594.75 miles.
  • Take a spontaneous vacation or trip
  • Go car camping for a weekend
  • 15 minutes of tidying a day
  • Call my sister more often
  • Get back to regular blogging
  • Take a mid-week break
  • Bake a loaf of sour dough bread

The list of done is greater than the list of not done so I think that counts as a successful year of getting things done!


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