2014 Plans

I love the start of a new year and the chance to plan out another 365 days of adventure. I know that this could happen at any point in the year but the long winter months are perfect for plotting what’s going to happen the rest of the year.

I decided while out running at the cabin that my fitness needs more intensity. I work out consistently but rarely with the goal of improving. So, my overall fitness plan for 2014 is going to be to add some more intense training to my regular fitness regime to get faster and stronger. I’m going to do this by:

  • Conquering the “up” – I hate hills whether its hiking, running or riding. But, in 2014 I’m going to get better at going up them and hopefully in the process start to enjoy them more. My running routine is going to get a weekly dose of hill repeats, plus more time on the trails. My riding is going to involve more hills, and more time spent learning how to gear my climbs properly. And I’m actually going to hike this year.
  • Finally finishing NROL – third times a charm! This should help with the “stronger” part of my goal.
  • Running more with other people – I love Patches but he’s not exactly pushing my running practice.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – training for three events makes me fitter. And while this training goal has we slightly terrified, it will certainly help me push my training.

We had a pretty good travel year in 2013 and it is nice to think that we will have some travel adventures in 2014. My overall plan for 2014 is more frequent but shorter trips to enjoy the vacation feeling more often. I hope this looks like:

  • Monthly weekends away – even just a couple of days away exploring somewhere new should be enough to keep my wanderlust satisfied between bigger trips
  • Summer road trips – Our plan for this summer is to stay closer to home and enjoy some of the sights of our province.
  • Visits to some new US states – I am slowly improving my geographical knowledge and figure I should visit a few of the places that I can now identify on a map. This can be combined with some summer road tripping and monthly get always!

This one was easy for me – spend more time outside! I used to spend lots of time exploring but over the past few years I’ve let other things take priority. In 2014 I want to return to our outdoorsy roots by more frequent trips to:

  • Hike (day hikes and overnight trips)
  • Car camp
  • Canoe

Around the House
The new house is going to bring a whole new list of required home repairs and renovations – most of which I probably have no idea about right now. Our plan for 2014 is to come up with a plan – what indoor renos need to be done, a design for the yard and a list of outdoor repairs.

I’m using this category to lump in everything else I think should be in the 2014 plan.

  • Read – for fun, to learn stuff, to spark conversations. And record everything I read – be prepared for a long list!
  • Take better pictures – I am insanely jealous of other peoples’ gorgeous landscapes and vacation photos. I’m not saying that I need to (or even can) become an amazing photographer but I can certainly put down my iPhone, pick up my camera and at least work towards better composition
  • Play the piano
  • Update the blog

So many exciting things to look forward to – plus all those unplanned and extra adventures!


3 thoughts on “2014 Plans

  1. Have you thought about having your level of fitness assessed at the University? That way you would know what areas you can work on and they can answer any questions you may have. Have a great time planning your year, leave time for surprises, vegging out, and just being.

  2. Great goals! I am thinking about starting the NROL over again when I’m done my latest shred session. I have tried the program twice in the past and I remember it making me insanely sore, but I never saw it all the way through. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm for me too. Haha

    1. Every time I get most of the way through it and then fall off my routine. Still, I figure even if I don’t get through it I’m still building strength!

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