Today (Jan 29, 2014)

Today…. I’ve come down with a cold. It started last night but over the course of the day has become a full blown affair. Runny nose, tired, achy – it’s been a while since I was sick so it all feels worse than it is.

Today… We filled out the final paperwork for our house purchase/sale. We get our new place on Friday and I’m starting to get excited.

Today… It snowed. Which is to be expected since it is January but I wish it had held off for another week.

Today… I’m taking a complete rest day from training. I feel a little guilty about it but not working out is probably going to make me feel better than working out would.

Today… We completely deviated from our eating plan with takeout pizza. It was perfect at the time but it’s not exactly the healthy meal I needed to kick this cold.

Today… I’m enjoying my new favourite bedtime snack – warm almond-coconut milk with honey. One of my guilty pleasures is a hot drink in bed while I read and this one is particularly delicious.


One thought on “Today (Jan 29, 2014)

  1. You might want to go with hot lemon and honey/agave and ounce or two of lemon juice (fresh is good but bottled works too) in a half pint mug pour boiled water over it and add honey (your own!) to flavour-not too sweet! sip through out the evening. for the next few days until start to feel better. NO excercise until you are better! be good. We do our walk through in our new home in Spruce tomorrow and take possession next weekend. Can’t decide if we are excited or terrified. Know anyone who would like to rent a 4 bedroom 2 bath developed raise bungalow in Evansburg? Feel better soon!

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