2014 Training Recap – Weeks 1 to 4 (Base 2)

In past I’ve always done training recaps weekly, but my current training plan is divided into phases so I figure that it makes sense to recap each phase right now while we’re so far away from an actual race day. Plus, my weeks are pretty repetitive!

Weeks 1 to 4 schedule has looked like this, with the amount of time spent on each activity changing with the week:

Monday – hills
Tuesday – bike, swim
Wednesday – run, bike
Thursday – run, swim
Friday – run
Saturday – bike
Sunday – swim

Planned vs. Actual Hours

Run- scheduled 7 hours, actual 6 hours
Bike – scheduled 11.25 hours, actual 6.5 hours
Swim – scheduled 12 hours, actual 8 hours
Total – scheduled 30.25 hours, actual 20.75 hours

Presented in graphical form:

I wasn’t as consistent with my schedule as I should be unfortunately so my actual training only loosely resembled what was planned. I used a lot of Frayed Laces Trainer Tuesday Workouts to help pass the time on my bike trainer – they are each about an hour and make spending that amount of time indoors on a bike bearable. I’ve also been loving the workouts provided at the pool – each one takes about an hour and I’ve been trying to do one IM workout and then one endurance/conditioning workout (focus on freestyle) each week.

The best workout of the past four weeks was an amazing 6.5 mile run last Saturday when it was +14. The worst workout was my last swim on Tuesday since I had a terrible cold.

Enjoying a spring day in January – I had to go running even though it wasn’t on the schedule

I think the next four weeks are going to be quite similar – hopefully this month I am better at sticking to the plan. I’ve got a much bigger gym area in the new house and have got the weights set up already so I can add strength training into the mix. I’m going to have to learn some new running routes at our new house and I’ve got a different bike trainer to try out so lots of little changes to keep it exciting!


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