A Quick Look at the New House

After what has seemed like forever we took possession of our new house on Friday! Unlike our last house we had no trouble with possession and after a quick walk through we had our keys and our new home.

Thanks to help from our amazing friends we were mostly moved in by Saturday afternoon and spent our first night in our new place. On Sunday we picked up the last load of furniture and set about unpacking. So far we’ve got most of the kitchen done and parts of other rooms but I thought I’d share a few quick photos as is and then post a complete home tour in a few weeks once we’re more settled in.

Our new house is also a bungalow and also from the 50’s (1956 to be exact) but a whopping 1250 square feet with 3 bedrooms, a huge basement and plenty of living space.

Our front door is in the middle and when you enter all our living space is on the left. We’ve got a large living room, dinning room and kitchen.


The bedrooms are on the right side of the house and are in such complete disarray that I can’t bear to share photos of them. Imagine 3 almost identically sized square rooms. The bathroom is also down the hallway.

Our basement is almost the same footprint as the main floor. You again enter into the middle and our basement family room/bar are on the left. At some point in the near future this will have couches and our TV.


There is also a fourth bedroom (my new sewing room) and another bathroom.

The right side of the basement is our billiards room and my home gym. I’ve got the bike up on the trainer but nothing else set up.


And finally we have a huge laundry room/shop area. Perfect for wine making, bike repairs and storing things.


I can’t wait to get everything put away and organize our new spaces. I’m so excited for so many silly little things – having a counter in our bathroom, a hall closet and a window to look out while I do dishes. It already feels like home!


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