Adding the Weights Back In – Starting NROL (Again)

I promised myself this year would be the year I finally work through one cycle of NROL so even though I can’t yet park in my garage, half my living room is still boxes and I can’t find my running jacket I already have my basement gym set up.


I am pretty excited to be able to have a home gym – space for the bike trainer and my weights has been awesome. I have been taking advantage of my set up and working out indoors to avoid the winter cold and ice (maybe too much).

The goal is twice a week weight sessions to compliment my swimming, running and riding. I’ve never had success with 3x a week lifting – and with my currently packed schedule I know it just won’t happen – but even at twice a week I hope to see some improvements in muscle tone before the summer season. I took some initial measurements and will see if there are any changes as I progress through the different stages.


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