Tight Calves

I am (thankfully) not typically an injury prone athlete but the past few weeks I’ve been suffering from increasingly tight calf muscles. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what in my lifestyle other than use is causing this problem but I know that it is time to stop it before it gets worse.

My (underused) foam roller has started to make a daily appearance – I hate, hate foam rolling and even more when I actually have tight muscles but I know that it is one way to help release the tension in my calves and my hamstrings (because you never know).


I was long over-due for a massage so last week I booked in and had my legs worked over. It seemed to help so I’m booking myself monthly repeat sessions.

I’ve also been working on my feet and ankles using my “pokey feet balls” and stretching.


And doing some calf stretches – especially in the pool. My swim instructor says my feet look fine during my kick but since I most often experience cramping during fly kick or when I’m wearing fins I’m trying to be extra good about taking breaks and letting those muscles stretch.

I’m hopeful that with a little time and some work this problem disappears. I hate being even slightly injured so fingers crossed that it is only a matter of days or weeks – not something that plagues me into summer training.


2 thoughts on “Tight Calves

  1. Weird, I just started dealing with super tight calf muscles about a month ago. They completely seize up on me after I run. I never used to have this problem. The best thing for me is to have Larry karate chop my calves. I’m usually screaming at the start, but by the end it’s ok and I’m able to walk the next day, which is key. Maybe Jonny can do the same for you. I need to get a foam roller.

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