What We Ate This Week – March 1, 2014

I love meal planning (and it has been really successful for us this year) but sometimes coming up with a week’s worth of recipes can take more time than I’ve got. I’ve been taking advantage of other people’s post about their weekly meal plans when I need some inspiration so I’m going to try and regularly share our weekly meals plan (maybe to provide a little inspiration for others). Last week’s meals are here.

A Quick Look at the Week

This week we had my Dad over for dinner on Monday, swimming on Tuesday and a trip to the airport on Thursday night. We’ve both been craving fruit and I wanted to try new recipes (all featuring ground beef of course). We shopped at Superstore so I ended up with a bunch of different fruits and veggies.


This chia seed pudding has been a delicious addition to my breakfast menu. I top it with strawberries and maple syrup and then eat it either before I head to school or as soon as I get there. I’ve still been having my morning smoothie – frozen banana, frozen fruit, yogurt, almond milk and protein powder.



Our lunch salads this week were inspired by my recipe for Greek salad. I layered dressing, red onions, barley, cucumber, tomato and black olives in jars and then we mixed it with spinach at lunch time. I love how flavourful this dressing is – it was perfect with the spinach. Then we also had pears, mango and pineapple for snacks.


Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato topping and kale Caesar salads.

Meatza and salad. I topped my Meatza with salsa, avocado, cheese and red onion. I had pre-made the crusts so after swimming we just ex them in the oven and then added toppings


“Forage” night – this is where we eat whatever we can find. Jon had a huge salad topped with leftover deer sausage. I had some rice noodles, a mango and a can of sardines.

Sweet Potato Enchiladas and salad. I sliced my sweet potatoes the wrong way so this was more of a layered “lasagna” but still very tasty.

How We Made it Work
Jon and I teamed up to shop at Superstore so it took us only about an hour. Once we got home I spent about 2 hours doing all the meal prep for the week. I cooked the ground beef for both the shepherds pie and enchiladas, made enchilada sauce, cooked my Meatza “crusts”, and prepped all the sweet potatoes.


It felt like a lot of work on a Sunday night but it made the week so easy! Everything kept really well in the fridge so I’d do this again.

imageBuy a new fridge is on our house repair list – our current apparent net style fridge just cant keep pace. Stacking all our food into it on Sunday is always a challenge!


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