March 2014 Mini-Goals

March – hopefully better weather wise than February. I’m feeling a little burnt out lately so I thought settling a few mini-goals for the month might help me feel better and focus a little on what I really want to be doing during a busy month.

1. Get back to running – I only ran 3 times in February. I’d like to get out more – it helps me focus, relax and get outside. I’ve got my training plan but I thought this Ironman March Challenge might also be fun motivation.

2. Read more – I picked up some paper books for our upcoming beach vacation, plus added in a few titles I had at home and from the library and now have 10 books on my to read list. I’m looking forward to some lazy days on the beach with my books – I’m not sure I’ll get through all of them but four at least should be an achievable level.


3. Pamper myself – a massage, mani/pedi or hair cut is a must this month to start feeling a little more together.

4. Post regularly – I’ve got a ton of posts waiting to be written. I’d like to post at least 3x a week!

Lots of fun stuff planned for this month as well so I think I’ll be busy (in a good way).


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