2014 Training Recap Weeks 5 – 8

Sunday was the end of my second phase of training for the year and, well, it certainly wasn’t my best four weeks. There wasn’t anything major during the month to de-rail my training but I let a lot of little excuses get in the way of too many workouts. We moved, it was cold, I had that tight calf, it was cold again, school was busy, and on and on. A couple of skipped workouts a week really adds up to a lot of missed training hours.

My planned training was the same as last phase – I just added in two days of strength training and (in theory) slightly increased my running mileage. The actually training in no way, shape or form resembled the plan:

Run- scheduled 9 hours, actual 1.75 hours
Bike – scheduled 12.5 hours, actual 4.5 hours
Swim – scheduled 12 hours, actual 8.25 hours
Total – scheduled 33.5 hours, actual 14.5 hours


Still, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. I did some good things this month – like add weight lifting back in and stay on top of my healthy eating. My calf responded positively to the rolling and stretching (or maybe it was my mid-month run) and loosened up. My swimming hours increased slightly and I’m just feeling better in the pool. In February 2013 while I ran about 50 miles I only swam twice and didn’t bike at all and I think this year’s early start on those is going to be a good thing.


For the next four weeks I’ve set the a mini-goal of running more in March and am tracking my workouts towards Ironman March. I purposely scheduled in a blank week over our spring vacation so I can have a pressure free week in Mexico – no guilt over missed workouts . While it hasn’t happened yet I’m optimistic that March is going to bring warmer weather and I’ll actually want to be out running.


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