March Mini-Goal Recap and April Mini-Goals 2014

March Mini-Goal Recap
In an effort to keep myself on track during what I knew would be a busy month, I set myself four mini-goals for March. I’ve still got my list of things to accomplish for the year but I felt that my mini-goals gave me something to focus on.

1. Get Back to Running – I only ran 32.25 miles which I know during marathon training can be a single week, not a month total but it was such an improvement from the previous two months. My Ironman March goal really helped – it was definitely my motivation to get out the door during that last week of work before vacation and it kept me running at least a few times while we were in Mexico.

2. Read More – success! I read lots on my vacation – Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston, Up and Down by Terry Fallis, The Truth About Luck by Iain Reid, Still Life by Louise Penny, Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman, and The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander. Whew…


 One of my favourite reading spots on vacation

3. Pamper Myself – I got a pre-vacation massage and it was awesome. I’d love to get one once a month. I also got my hair cut and did my nails. I felt like a new woman.


 My pre-vacation toes – I loved the colour but was disappointed in the durability of the polish

4. Post More – I didn’t quite make my 3x a week goal but I did post more than the previous month.

Since my mini-goals worked well for March, I’m trying them again for April.

1. Longer swim intervals – I’ve been swimming between 1500 m and 2000 m about 3x a week but I need to increase the lengths of my swim intervals. I rarely do more than 250 m at a time but need to start including more 500s and up. I should also hit up the 25 m pool.

2. Healthy eating – After a week of vacation in Mexico I need to just get back into my routine and cleaning up my diet is part of that. April will be (with a few exceptions) focused on veggies!

3. Home repairs – garage clean up is a must! I want to use those spaces this summer so we should organize them. Spring weather is still unpredictable but we’ll get a few warm weekends to work on it.

4. Time with my “family” – March was incredibly busy for Jon – which made it also busy for me as I juggled work, training and home without him. Getting to spend a week together in Mexico reminded me how much better things are when we get together time so I’m going to make sure we get some time together in April. My family also includes the furry members who got totally neglected while we were both so busy and could use some extra time spent on walks or playing with the feather toy.


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