Mayan Riviera 2014 – Part 1

I briefly regretted our vacation choices when my alarm woke us at 3:15 am for our flight last Sunday but the early morning was totally worth it to trade the cold weather for the 30+ degrees in Cancun. A week away somewhere warm is never enough and our return to (still) chilly Calgary came too soon but being on vacation, even short vacation, was awesome. We went as a group of 6 and it was really fun to have a gang to hang out with. As far as adventures goes, this was definitely our easiest trip since it was all inclusive and I barely strayed from my beach lounger, but with the weeks heading into the trip being so busy I was glad that we’d picked something that required zero planning!

We stayed at the Ocean Maya Royal near Playa del Carmen. It is a smallish, adults only resort that has really lovely grounds. Our room was in their 3 story room block (most of their rooms are in small villas) but had a lovely view out over the grounds. Most of the resort is set further back from the ocean which means that there is room for two beachside pools and lots of beachside lounging. The beach immediately off the resort isn’t the most beautiful but still nice enough for playing and strolling.



Our really early departure from Calgary meant that we were at our resort by 1:30 in the afternoon (paying extra for a direct flight was so worth it). Things weren’t ready right away so we had lunch and checked out the resort. Our room was ready by 3 pm and after our luggage was delivered we wasted no time in putting on our suits and heading to the beach. After some beach time and a few poolside margaritas we freshened up and met for pre-dinner cocktails in the lobby bar.


The resort has 4 a la carte restaurants and you can choose to eat at one of those or the buffet for dinner without having to make reservations. We picked Japanese for our first dinner and I had sushi and sweet and sour pork. I think everyone was exhausted from our early morning and we were back in our rooms and asleep by 10 pm.

On Day 2 we were awake by 6 am so I started with a short bike ride and 3 mile treadmill run at the resort gym while Jon swam and then we all met up for breakfast. The food at the resort was definitely a step above the last all-inclusive we were at and breakfast was a delicious spread of scrambled eggs, fruit and bacon – with a healthy topping of fresh picco.

Then it was off to the beach for a full day of relaxing. We got spots on the comfy and shaded beds down on the beach and alternated between napping, reading and cooling off in the pool. Unfortunately I didn’t do a great job of applying sunscreen to my shoulders and got a little burnt sitting in the pool.


We started what would become a vacation ritual by putting on our “party suits” after lunch and moving to the swimming pool around 3 pm for afternoon pool drinks. Our suits were purchased from Splish and guaranteed us at least a few funny looks every time we put them on. Pool drinks lasted until 5 pm when we retired to get ready for our evening – pre-dinner cocktails in the lobby followed by dinner at the “romantic restaurant”.


Day 3 was pretty much an exact replica of day 2 – only this time we had loungers at the pool for the day. I managed to fit in another morning workout (bike + weights) before spending the rest of the day reading. We played with the Waboba in the ocean a bit in the afternoon but the rest of the day was spend being super lazy. I faithfully applied sunscreen and managed not to do anymore damage to my tender shoulders. It was pool drinks in the afternoon, pre-dinner cocktails and Mexican for dinner before heading to bed again by 10 pm.


We changed things up (slightly) on day 4 so I will continue to recap our adventures in another post…


One thought on “Mayan Riviera 2014 – Part 1

  1. Sounds absolutely marvellous! I like when rooms are set further back so the pools are right on the ocean.
    And i love your swimsuits- I’m totally going to check that site out!

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