(Trying to Stay) Injury Free

In February I had some tight leg muscles, so I started getting sports massages again (after not seeing an MT since my first marathon in 2010). I visited just before our trip to Mexico and my MT commented that my legs weren’t lining up which might be a clue to why my left-side was always so tight. I’d never been to the chiropractor but I booked myself in for an appointment as soon as we got back from Mexico to see if there was anything that really needed fixing.

While nothing seemed horrible, I was diagnosed with some issues related to my SI joints. I had my pelvis adjusted at my first appointment and while that felt totally weird, I can already see how it is helping. My shoulders were at different heights and now are level and my hip bones seem to be even again. On Wednesday we did some stretching (back and hamstrings) and today we added in some scraping with the graston tool. I have never experienced anything quite like it – I was almost in tears as he scraped my left calf. It feels like someone is scraping at your skin with razor blades – expect there is no bleeding, just some serious bruising. He also did my back and I’m just happy I had no plans to wear anything backless for a while!


Glad I got this done after our vacation – this would not have been a good look in my swim suit

So far the whole process has been rather uncomfortable but I hope that it’s going to fix anything before it becomes a problem. I didn’t exercise much this week but I’ve been given the okay to swim, bike and run again – as long as there isn’t any discomfort (I have assumed that is beyond the regular discomfort of exercising). The foam roller is supposed to make a regular appearance (ugh) and I need to stretch (ugh). Still, probably better to start now while it is just a minor ache and stop it from potentially becoming something more serious down the line.


One thought on “(Trying to Stay) Injury Free

  1. Wow- that looks intense! My whole left side is messed up, literally from the top down. My one shoulder and hip bone sit higher, too. I feel like I could benefit from this to get everything where it should be and then do the proper exercises and rolling, etc. to keep things good.

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