2014 Training Recap Weeks 9 – 12

The third phase of my training calendar actually finished at the end of March and included 1 week of scheduled “off” time while we were vacationing in Mexico. I participated in an Ironman March Challenge – the goal being to complete the ironman distances in swim, bike and run over the course of a month. I wasn’t totally sucessfull and had to finish off the last 11 miles of biking on April 1. Still, it got me running and I ran almost 4 times as much as I did over the last 4 weeks.

My planned training was the same as the last two phases – I tried to keep up my strength training and increase biking and running milage:

Run- scheduled 7 hours, actual 5.3 hours
Bike – scheduled 11 hours, actual 6.75 hours
Swim – scheduled 9 hours, actual 2.75 hours
Total – scheduled 27 hours, actual 14.8 hours

Slightly more than last time – even with my vacation week.

I came home from vacation at the end of this phase feeling really strong, which is great. I’ve been sidelined lately with my muscle tightness but hopefully that is something that I can fix soon enough.

Riding the (uncomfortable) bike on vacation

It is going to be nice to start riding outside and running now that it is spring. April is my last month without my other sport commitments and, since my first triathlon will hopefully be at the end of May, a month to hit peak training before a little taper.



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