2014 Plans – First Quarter Update

I can’t believe that we’re 3 (and a bit) months into the year already! I’d planned to post this update at the end of March but have been so caught up in life since returning from Mexico that it just slipped by!

I’ve been more focused on certain goals than others but overall I’m having a pretty good start to 2014.


  • Conquering the “up” – since we moved I haven’t been actively seeking out up hills but not avoiding them either. I biked home from downtown on a Friday night which involves a couple of climbs. And unlike normal, I haven’t purposely been planning my runs to avoide hills.
  • Finally finishing NROL – I was doing great (I even lifted when I was in Mexico) but forgot to ask my chiro if weightlifting was allowed back into the exercise routine. I saw him today and we have the OK to do all types of exercise so NROL will be starting up again.
Lifting on vacation
Lifting on vacation
  • Running more with other people – So far a fail. Anyone want to go running?
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – lots of training happening (phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3) and I’m going to register in my “A” races this weekend to make sure I get spots.


  • Monthly weekends away – the cabin in January, WEM Water Park in February and Mexico in March. I’m really loving the mini-adventures – it feels like I’m getting a lot of traveling in.
  • Summer road trips – I have started booking accommodation for our road trip this July – more info in a later post!.
  • Visits to some new US states – combining this with summer road trip!

Winter has not given up its hold on Calgary so outdoors has been restricted to dog walks, runs, that one skiing afternoon and a few bike rides.

On one of my few nice outside runs

Around the House
We’ve been working on the new house – a new furnace, updates to the electrical and lots of tidying up. We’ve even had a chance to do a few chores outside. Jon and I are going to come up with a list for what to do next.

I’m using this category to lump in everything else I think should be in the 2014 plan.

  • Read -it got better on vacation – I read a lot – and I have a ton of books in my read list. I have a mini-vacation planned for this weekend so hopefully I can get lots of reading in then.
  • Take better pictures – I went to a photography workshop during teachers convention and have been trying to use my camera more than my phone but I do need to practice (a lot) more.
  • Play the piano – until we made some changes to the electrical I haven’t wanted to plug in the piano but now we’re good to go.
  • Update the blog (new design) – not yet
  • Become more comfortable driving our truck (work up to driving and parking it at work!) – I did drive it the other week but now that I carpool to work I drive everything even less.
  • learn how to wear my new jewelry collection to compliment my outfits – I have been wearing my jewlery more, I need to get some of it resized so I can wear it better.

Since we’re still barely into the year, I have lots of time to work on all my fun activities for the year. The first part of 2014 has been pretty good, so hopefull the next three quarters are even better.



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