A Reminder to Go Outside

It has been a long week and came home from school yesterday feeling drained. I almost decided not to take the dog out but convinced myself that spending an afternoon outside was probably better for me than reading on the coach – and I was right.

I hadn’t been outside or done any exercise since Tuesday and it felt great to stretch my legs. We headed to Nose Hill Park, even though it looked cold and windy, and were pleasantly surprised to find that a patch of blue sky was passing through.


We spotted crocuses – I’m a little later finding them this year. Most years I’ve spotted them by about the middle of April (2013, 2012, 2011, 2008) and in 2010 they were out by the end of March!


Patches loved being off leash and was a very happy dog to be out unexpectedly in the middle of the afternoon.


We walked for about an hour in the park and even though it got a bit colder on the way back it was still nice.


I was tired but felt tons better by the time we got home. It was a good reminder that I am so much happier and feel better when I get enough outside exercise. It is snowing (still) in Calgary today so I am feeling thankful that I made it a priority to take Patches for a long walk yesterday when things were much nicer.



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