April Mini-Goal Recap and May Mini-Goals

I know I’m not the only person exclaiming over the fact that it is May already but honestly I’m glad that it is spring. Winter is long here and I’m ready for the warmer weather. But before we jump too far into the new month, here’s how April went.

1. Longer swim intervals – April really saw a drop in my swimming which is exact opposite of what I wanted. I only swam 6 times so my goal of longer swim intervals never came to be.

2. Healthy eating – it was good, then bad and then finally good again. I’m frustrated because I gained a few pounds since vacation and my diet wasn’t quite clean enough this month to reverse that. Still a work in progress!

3. Home repairs – success! The tidied garage looks awesome and there is room for Jon’s shop tools and our bikes. We still need to do a little work on it but a huge improvement. We also did some yard work so the outside looks better now too. Having less yard makes it easier to accomplish outside tasks.

4. Time with my “family” – I made an effort to walk together after work and then go for my run or ride so most nights we were able to get about an hour of family time. Even though Jon was away for almost a week, Patches and I got some together time at the cabin.

So, what would I like accomplish in May?

1. Get my garden ready – we won’t be doing a huge garden this year but I have some smaller ideas in mind.

2. Be more consistent in my training – I want my actual training to better resemble my training plan

3. Spend more time outside – I feel better when I’m outside more, so now that the weather is warming up I want to enjoy it.

4. Get more sleep – I’m always saying how tired I feel. I know my ideal sleep pattern is close to 9 hours but even if I can get closer to 8 a night on week days I’ll be happy. This is going to mean lights out by 9:30 which might be a struggle for me.

We’ve got tons of fun stuff planned so I think it is going to be a good month!


One thought on “April Mini-Goal Recap and May Mini-Goals

  1. Don’t stress the weight gain a healthy BMI is between 21-24 that gives you enough fat reserves to get you through unexpected illness. remember you are not train for the olympics, you want to have fun, and de-stress from work, and maintain a healthy relaxed lifestyle. You have lots of goals in your life, but if your not enjoying the journey.or constantly worrying about reaching your goals…..Take time to think about what you truly want out of life and reset your goals. Its good to read, it’s good to run, and swim and try new things, If you are healthy pushing yourself to maintain peak excercise performance can be self defeating, wearing out your joints, stressing your heart and lungs instead of giving them time to repair themselves. I am sure somewhere there is a level of fitness which encompasses good health AND fun without the constant physical stress of maintaining a body at constant peak performance. You don’t want to wear out before you get to retirement age!

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