First Brick of the Season

Since I started training again in January I’ve had a lot of double (and some times triple) workout days but haven’t done a true brick workout yet. Saturday was far from perfect conditions for a bike/run but I had a free afternoon and felt a little more intense workout was a good use of my time, hence the first brick of the season!

It has been snowing here so my ride had to be indoors on the trainer. I turned on Netflix and, after a 10 minute warm up, did intervals of 1 minute hard spinning followed by 4 minutes of moderate. I get really bored, really fast if I just ride, even with the TV on, but even a simple workout seems to keep me more motivated. I rotated sitting, aero and standing for my hard spinning intervals. I rode for a total of an hour but have no idea what distance.


My transition from bike to run was a little slow. I stretched after I got off the bike, drank some Nuun and then switched into running clothes. The fact that it is warm in my basement but only about zero outside meant I had to change from bike shorts and a t-shirt into tights, full sleeves, running jacket and toque and mitts. Transition took somewhere around 10 minutes.

I hit the pathway near our house for my run. The fact that it was snowy and windy made me wish I had just stuck to a bike ride but once I got the first mile in it didn’t feel as miserable.


I did a 3 mile out and back that seemed to fly by once I got to my turn around point. I would have liked to be running at a faster pace but felt pretty happy with my effort.


For the last block or so my calf started to feel tight but it went away as soon as I got home. Doing a back to back ride run made me feel a little more confident in my fitness and I still had energy today for swim club. I’m hoping that next Sunday is going to be nice outside and I can follow up my morning swim with an outside ride for a swim/bike workout.


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