Our Next Trip – The Oregon Coast

Spring is just starting to arrive in Alberta so it is time to start planning our summer adventures – the first being a trip to the Oregon Coast. I really wanted to do another road trip this summer, but keep it local(ish) to save some money and with Patches joining us it made sense to pick somewhere dog friendly. And Oregon looks spectacular!

Summer is high season, so I had to make some decisions about where we were going to make sure we had places to stay. I did some research and chatted with some people to help figure out my itinerary because there seems to be so much to see and with only 10 or so days, I know we can’t fit in everything. Based on all that we decided in the end to plan a pretty scaled down road trip – two major destinations with a few small stops along the way. This should mean less driving and more time spent exploring.

The plan is to head south from Calgary somehow, and then work our way west (Montana, Idaho, Washington?) to Oregon over the course of two days. I imagine these will be two pretty long driving days, with a few dog walking breaks thrown in. I’ve picked Nehalem Bay State Park to be our base in Oregon and from there we’re going to spend 4 days camping and exploring nearby parks and towns. I think that we’ll have lots to keep us busy. I’ve already booked us campsites (it was almost full already!) but haven’t decided where we’ll stay on our way there.

Our second stop is back “up north” in BC which might seem like a strange addition to a trip to the US coast but we really wanted a weekend in BC wine country again (and it is sort of on the way home). It also works out logistic wise since it means I don’t have to try and find camping accommodations over the July 4 holiday. We plan to cross the border and spend a few days in Oliver at Riverside Trails B and B. We’ve got two days to get from Nehalem Bay to Oliver which means we should be able to also fit in a stop somewhere along the way (after chatting with my Dad I’m sure we’ll spend part of this time driving up the coast).. I hope to do some hiking and wine sampling while we’re there. From Oliver it should take about a day to get home – meaning we’ll be gone for 11 days (or so).

I’m pretty excited about our roadtrip – we haven’t taken Patches on a road trip since our cross-country trip in 2007 and I’ve never been to that part of the US. I have become a little a Oregon obsessed lately and keep finding new places that look visit worthy. I think we’re going to have to plan another (and then another) road trip after this one.


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