2014 Training Recap – Weeks 13 to 16 and 17 to 20

It has been a long time since I posted about my training – probably because the spring is always such a terrible time for training for me.

Weeks 13 to 16

Run- scheduled 6 hours, actual 3.75 hours
Bike – scheduled 13 hours, actual 6 hours
Swim – scheduled 11 hours, actual 5.25 hours
Total – scheduled 30 hours, actual 15 hours

This is just slightly more (20 minutes) than my previous 4 weeks. It was at the beginning of this training cycle that I started seeing the chiropractor and then the physiotherapist for the troubles I’d been having with my calf. I swam a lot more than previously but had to cut back on my running, biking and weight lifting while I worked on my calf. We also started riding outside!


Weeks 17 to 20

Run- scheduled 8 hours, actual 3.75 hours
Bike – scheduled 10 hours, actual 5 hours
Swim – scheduled 10 hours, actual 5.75 hours
Total – scheduled 28 hours, actual 14.5 hours

I completed my first brick workout, got back into weight lifting and registered for my first triathlon.

Coming Up

Last year my training completely fell apart in June and my goal for the next training cycle is to avoid that. The same weekend I have my first triathlon is the same time last year I DNS the Millarville Half-marathon. I’m going to make sure I’m sleeping enough, not getting overwhelmed at work and fitting in my runs, rides and swims so that this year doesn’t end up the same. My physio and chiro said that I’m OK to train at whatever level I want (yay!) so no excuses.


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