My May Mini-Vacation – Fernie

We waited right until the end of the month to squeeze in our monthly mini-vacation but we still managed to get a weekend away! We spent a quick two days in Fernie, BC last weekend and it was a great chance to be outside in the almost summer weather and hang out with our friends. There was lots of things going on and I came home pretty exhausted from all the fun.

We left the city around 6 pm on Friday but the drive down was quiet and we made really good time down to Crowsnest Pass where we took a quick break. I think we got to Fernie around 9:30 pm and quickly settled ourselves into our rented condo at the ski hill before joining the rest of the group. Things were in full swing and it was close to 2 am before we dragged ourselves back to our condo.

We woke up on Saturday to a gorgeous sunny day and knew we had to get outside to enjoy it.
The view

After a late breakfast we made the short drive into Fernie to try the local disc golf course. It is a beautiful 18 basket course that was the perfect combination of distance (not too long) and difficulty (enough trees so it was interesting but you didn’t have to spend a ton of time looking for your disc). It took a couple of hours to play but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Teeing off
One of the more scenic courses I’ve played

After that we grabbed a slurpie and wandered around in Fernie. We’ve always just driven past the town so this was my first real visit. It has a cute main street and we checked out some of the stores and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.

Once we got back to the resort I was still feeling restless so I persuaded Jon to do a little easy hiking at the ski hill. We walked along some of the bike trails and enjoyed the views for a couple of hours before heading back to soak in the hot tub and hang out.

Saturday evening lasted well into Sunday morning and I got up pretty reluctantly to check out by 10 am. We were on the road by 11 am so that we could have time to stop at one last attraction for the weekend – Frank Slide. We drive by it every time we go to the cabin but have never stopped so I decided that this had to be the weekend we finally explored it.

We started at the interpretive centre where we did the short walk around the outside of the building to read about the site. Then we walked the 1.5 km Frank Slide interpretive loop to see more of the slide. It was really interesting and I’m glad we finally visited.

After that it was an uneventful drive home and time to get ready for another week. While I didn’t come home from the weekend refreshed like last vacation, it was really nice to get outside all weekend. We don’t do that enough so it was worth the tired-all-week-long feeling!


2 thoughts on “My May Mini-Vacation – Fernie

  1. Fun! I love that you do mini getaways every month. I would love to do that too. Nice way to keep things fun. I am feeling a little bummed since our BIG vacation for the year is now over and I don’t have much vacation time left for the summer, but planning a few small getaways should remedy that 🙂

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