Bullets on a Rainy Monday

I finished my report cards today! It feels good to have those done – now I can focus on enjoying my last two weeks with my students.

I’ve been experimenting with the natural curl in my hair lately. My hair fantasy is to never have to actually do it but I haven’t figured out exactly how that would work. I walked into class this morning and one of my (less-filtered) students yelled out “what happened to your hair?” so obviously I have a long way to go.


It’s raining here – lots. I hope that things don’t end up like last year but I am enjoying the rainy weather.

My father-in-law built us a dishwasher cabinet (among other things) while he was here last week. We still need to get the plumbing and electrical in but we’re one step closer to not having to hand wash everything.

We went to Canmore on Saturday as an early Father’s Day outting. We had lunch at Crazy Weed, browsed the shops and walked along the river. I thought it was going to rain but the sun shone all day so it was a win!


I have my first triathlon this weekend and I have been taking an unintentional taper for the past two weeks. Ugh…

And finally, I made a delicious slow roasted brined beef on Sunday. Sure, it takes about 24 hours but paired with fresh veggies and a little cottage cheese, I think it makes the best lunch.



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