2014 Training Recap – Weeks 21 to 24

This was the last four weeks before my first race of the season and while I would have loved some higher volume, I’m happy I held it together during a crazy busy June. My goal from my last training update had been to actually complete my race, which I did so I’m considering this training block a success – even if it in no resembled my schedule.

imageThis ride home from the bar, with a stop for takeout, was one of 3 “training rides” this month

Run- scheduled 12.25 hours, actual 2 hours
Bike – scheduled 21 hours, actual 4.7 hours
Swim – scheduled 10 hours, actual 4 hours
Total – scheduled 42.25 hours, actual 10.75 hours


Coming Up
So, it should go without saying that I really need to pull my socks up in the training department! I’m on vacation for a week and then I’m going to take advantage of my summer break to get back on track. I have 6 weeks until my Olympic tri, and then 3 other races on my calendar so I plan to make July and August some serious training months. Long rides, time in the pool and more running.


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