June Goals Recap, July Mini-Goals and 2014 Plans Second Quarter Update

The end of June – the beginning of summer vacation! I love, love summer and all the fun things I get to do now that the weather has warmed up. It’s the end of the month so I’m due for a mini goals update, halfway through the year so I wanted to look back on how I was doing with my 2014 To Do List and time to set some new mini-goals for July.

June Goals Recap
Here’s what I thought I could do in June:

1. At least one long ride before my triathlon – more than 40 km
So it wasn’t more than 40 km but we rode 34 km up Highwood Pass and back down again. It certainly made me feel a little better prepared for my triathlon.

2. Make time for adventures
We went to Fernie, rode Highwood Pass, took our Dads to Camore and did some lawn bowling. I also took learn to scull lessons. Maybe too many adventures as I spent most of the month feeling exhausted!


3. Two brick workouts – a ride/run and a swim/ride
Nope, not a single brick. But the triathlon went fine anyway.

4. Organize my guest room
Yes! We moved out the double bed, put in a queen and added some night tables and lamps to complete the look.

Overall, not bad for a month where I also has the craziness of the end of the school year. Having stuff planned helped me take time to myself, which was needed!

2014 Goals – Second Quarter Update
The first part of the year was pretty good, here’s how the second quarter went.


  • Conquering the “up” – my ride up Highwood was at least one attempt but my triathlon made it clear I need to spend more time on the hills.
  • Finally finishing NROL – I was back, then took a break in June, and have gone back again. I’m so close to being finished Stage 1 so I’m making it a special focus this summer.
  • Running more with other people – I ran once with Mer! And I have signed up for a half-marathon in October with a coworker so I think we’ll do at least some of our training runs together.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – still working on this, my sprint triathlon this month was a good pick me up.


  • Monthly weekends away – I am totally rocking this! I love our monthly mini-vacations. This time we’ve been to the cabin, Fernie and we’re just started our 10 day summer road trip.
  • Summer road trips – See above – Oregon road trip has started!
  • Visits to some new US states – If all goes as planned we’ll visit Washington, Idaho and Oregon this summer.


We’re working on this now that we’re on summer vacation. Our trip to Fernie involved outdoor fun, and generally I’ve been making more effort to be outside, even if it is just a walk.


One of our many afternoons out at Nose Hill

Around the House

New fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave this month. Plus, yard work and stuff with the bees. I feel like lately we’ve done a lot of house work so I’m happy to be taking a break.


  • Read – my favourites from the last few months were The Flight of Gemma Hardy, Life as We knew It and Attachments. I’m up to 24 books so far this year.
  • Take better pictures – Still mostly taking pictures with my phone. Maybe a summer project?
  • Play the piano – once so far, so this needs work
  • Update the blog – not yet!

And finally, my Mini-Goals for July

1. Finish Stage 1 of NROL
2. Go hiking hopefully more than once
3. Follow my triathlon training schedule – 90% of the time!
4. De-clutter the house – too much junk!

There we go! Things have been great and I’m so excited about all the fun things we’re going to keep doing.


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