Oregon and Okanagan Road Trip 2014 – Day 3

Day 3 of our road trip was all about driving – about 14 hours of it. We left the cabin at 8 am on Sunday morning and headed for the border crossing at Roosville. I had been nervous to cross the border with the dog but they barely even looked at him and we were across in no time. From there we headed south through Idaho to Sandpoint (where we stopped for lunch) and down to Coeur D’Alene and Spokane. It poured with rain in northern Idaho, but by the time we’d reached the Washington border the sun was shining.

I was totally surprised by the landscape as we drove south on the 395 through Washington towards the Oregon border. Idaho had been trees, but this part of Washington was desert. It also got really hot – something I had not expected – and Patches needed several water breaks.


Somewhere in south-central Washington a small dust cloud crossed the road

We crossed into Oregon across the Columbia River and began our westward journey along the gorge. I wish we’d had more time to explore the area but we only stopped to stretch our legs and snap a few photos. By this point we’d been driving for over 8 hours and I was getting a little restless but we still had to make it to the coast. Despite his horrible start to the car trip, Patches was a trooper and sat quietly in the backseat while I squirmed around in the front. Jon, of course, did all the driving.


The Columbia River Gorge

Portland was easy to navigate through and after we filled up with gas we got ready for the last little bit of our drive. We finally ended up on the coast in Tillamook around 8 pm, 11 hours after we’d left (yay for times changes) to stock up on groceries, liquor, a cooler and takeout pizza. I haven’t really travelled much in the US so I was pleasantly surprised by being able to buy a wide range of wines, beers and ciders along with my groceries.

Nehalem Bay, our base camp destination, is only about 40 miles north of Tillamook but driving along the coast is slow and we stopped in Rockaway Beach to watch the sunset and let Patches have his first taste of the Pacific Ocean.


Sunset at Rockaway Beach


 Patches is terrified of the shiny water


After many, many hours in the car we’re finally at the ocean!

Nehalem Bay State Park was easy to find (even at dusk) and with our reserved site all we had to do was stop for a quick chat with the park wardens (if you are arriving late at night they just post a list of reserved sites and you come back in the morning to finish your check in). I was really happy that I had reservations because the park was full by the time we arrived and they were turning people away. We quickly set up camp and were on our way to bed when we ran into our friends from Calgary and instead spent a little longer visiting by their fire. A long day but we were very pleased that we’d made it all the way to our destination!


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