Feeling Less Fit – and a new injury!

I’m in a bit of a fitness slump. I always envision summer as this time where I will do lots of working out but in reality it is usually the time of year where I fall apart. I’m not totally upset – I have been doing lots of fun things – but I do need to start focusing on spending a little less time sunbathing in the backyard and a little more time working out. There has to be balance and right now I’m swinging too far towards the “chill out” side.

Unfortunately, I am now sidelined with my second injury of the year – some serious foot pain. A long weekend of hiking followed by a long game of ultimate frisbee left me with a very sore side of my foot. It got progressively worse yesterday, even with no serious activity, so this morning I had a mini-meltdown and then called my chiropractor. I thought it might be a stress fracture but my chiro thinks that it is just a lot of tightness. We did some super painful treatment today and after icing it tonight it is way less sore!

Cat and ice bath

Even things that have nothing to do with cats seem to attract attention from the feline members of my household

It feels fine in my bike shoes so I’m allowed to bike, swim and lift upper body weights but no running or walking for now. This is a bit of a bummer because I’m supposed to be triathlon training and I just signed up for a fall half-marathon. Still, I’d rather deal with a minor injury now than a major problem down the road. Plus, the no-running rule should free up all my time for swimming, right?


4 thoughts on “Feeling Less Fit – and a new injury!

  1. I would have thought ‘injuries’ which result in tightening up are your body’s way of saying you need the relax time. Balance isn’t just about day to day balance, but season to season balance, Think about it this way: Fall and winter are survival times of human life at its basic. Spring and Summer times of planting, and weeding, nurturing, a time of reflection, taking in the sun and warmth, of good food, easy ‘hunting’, of slowing down in the heat, easing between the warmth of the sun, weeding in the early morn and cool of the evening. . Your balance needs to be seasonal as well as daily. A time to build up reserves, to allow the body to heal and mend from the ravages and fasting of winter, so you can draw on those reserves in the fall and winter for more strenuous activities of fall and winter survival. How can one enjoy life all year around if one lives constantly in a state of survival. Fitness maintenance in the summer means keeping the tone gaining a healthy reserve for muscles and ligaments to rebuild and stabilise. For the mind and the heart to strengthen relationships, and build new connections, discover new interests, while the weather is wonderfully warm and you can get out easily. Be good to yourself, savour the beautiful days.

  2. Yes, my body is probably trying to tell me something! Right now I’m doing a lot more relaxing and hopefully I’ll get a positive response 🙂

    1. Wonderful! I’m sure you will. Dan took a year off after winning Most improved rider in the Masters(seniors?) Edmonton cyclling club, and is now back more regularly on his bike, now that he changed jobs again and has cut back his work week from 54hrs a week to 40-42 hrs a week, Taking his bike out north of Spruce Grove and riding the paved back roads John found there his first summer after first year University. Unfortunately even though John is back living with us temporarily, he and Dan have only managed to ride together two or three times so far this summer.

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