On a Friday – Looking Back at the Past Few Weeks of Vacation

I feel like summer vacation should be 6 weeks of complete fun – still somehow I always manage to use up many of my days running errands and feeling frustrated. This is totally my own fault – I aways leave all my errands to school breaks, forgetting that I’m not actually going to want to spend my free time getting the car serviced and doing laundry. I’m a little cranky today, so I thought I’d look back on the fun stuff I’ve been up to this summer to remind myself that actually most of my time has been spent doing fun things!

The week after we returned from Oregon our part of the province was still in some sort of heat wave so I headed to the cabin at Rosen Lake for some mid-week vacation. I paddled, napped in the sun and went for an easy bike ride. Life always feels more like summer vacation when you’re at the lake.

All ready for an afternoon at the lake
All ready for an afternoon at the lake

We followed that up with our hike to Turbine Canyon so that rounded out a pretty fun week! I also went biking with my Dad, caught up with some friends and had time to update my blog.

I’ve worked on my cooking. I’ve had the smoker out a few times. I made beef jerky and ribs – both delicious. I really should use it more, since I have full days at home.

Smoked jerky is way better than dehydrator jerky
Smoked jerky is way better than dehydrator jerky

I’ve also alternated between cooking some awesome food and having nights where I just stare at the cupboard and then make dried pasta with jarred sauce. One of my favorites is this jerked chicken with mango salsa. I could eat just mango salsa if it was filling enough for a real meal… I’m also very obsessed with making my own passion tea iced lemonade. I use this recipe – with 4 cups of boiling water and 4 tea bags. I also pre-mix the whole thing – adding the tea concentrate and lemonade into a large container. I find it doesn’t need any sweetener but I do keep a jar of honey syrup in the fridge just in case.

I finally got around to planting a small herb garden. It’s just basil, chives, sage and thyme but it is better than having nothing. I miss and don’t miss our gardens – I love not having to do all the work but I miss just picking fresh veggies from the yard.

Buying my new garden at the 50% off sale
Buying my new garden at the 50% off sale

There has also been lots of lawn bowling, a Friday evening of disc golf and a wood turning lesson with Jon. Part of my grumpy mood today has to do with the weather – its cool and cloudy out – and part has to do with my sore foot. However, I am having lots of fun mini-adventures so I can’t complain too much and with some fun stuff planned for the next little while, I’m sure to break out of my funk soon!


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