July 2014 Mini-Goals Recap and August Mini-Goals

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of July! Jon took the day off with me today so we’ve ended the month with a mini-vacation day: bakery visit and breakfast in the park, mini-golf, frozen yogurt, dinner out and some lawn bowling. Jon has really been doing a good job of making us go out and do things – when I had a minor meltdown on Tuesday evening he made us go out and play disc golf and by the time we’d finished that my mood had very much improved.

I wasn’t particularly successful with my goals for July, but since I had such a good time with others stuff I didn’t worry about it too much.

1. Finish Stage 1 of NROL – being on a camping vacation makes it tough to weight lift, so this one is very, very close but not finished.

2. Go hiking hopefully more than once – we hiked in Oregon (Cape Lookout Trail and Clatsop Loop) and backpacked into Turbine Canyon and North K. Pass.

3. Follow my triathlon training schedule – 90% of the time! Nope, not at all. My foot is feeling better but I’m still not allowed to run so I am following a new plan of just swimming, biking and lifting.

4. De-clutter the house – too much junk! Sort of – I cleaned out the kitchen, a little bit of the garage and my clothing closet. I have made a de-junk list to help me tackle what is left.

So, in August I go back to work, but still want to have lots of summer fun time. I’ve got some races coming up and hopefully I’ll be able to start running again soon. I’m using the month to finish up some stuff I had hoped to do earlier this year but haven’t.

1. De-junk and tidy – I want to go into the fall with the house ready for indoor stuff. That means having it cleaned out.
2. Get my foot back to normal – some of this is going to easy (no running) but I’ve also got to be watching what I do and making sure I’m stretching, icing and rolling as I should.
3. Swim more – we’re only swimming once a week (on Sundays) and that isn’t really enough for what is my weakest sport. I’d like to go twice a week in August, and then work my way back up to 3X a week in the fall.
4. Four “date” nights – It can be harder to spend quality time with Jon when we’re both working. I’d like to make sure that at least once a week we go do something together.


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