2014 Training Recap – Weeks 25 to 28 (Better Late Than Never)

“Not at all to plan” really sums up my summer training. After my last recap I planned to really get into things, instead I went on vacation and then injured myself. That olympic triathlon I’ve been training for? Yeah, not going to happen this year (which I’m OK with – I definitely wasn’t giving it the attention and focus it needed).

Run- scheduled 11.5 hours, actual 2.75 hours
Bike – scheduled 11 hours, actual 6.75 hours
Swim – scheduled 7 hours, actual 0 hours
Total – scheduled 29.5 hours, actual 9.5 hours

I did have a beautiful beach run and a really successful Week #1 of half marathon training in there so at least I enjoyed the activities I did.

Running on the beach in Oregon
Running on the beach in Oregon

Coming up (and Currently)…

I ended this training cycle with a great hike, and then started the next (current) training cycle with an injured foot. I decided that no running until I had one pain-free week was my recovery plan and I have been pretty good about sticking to it. I’ve swapped out all my planned runs for other activities – mostly biking – and added in lots more weight training. On a positive note, the foot injury has forced me to focus on my weaknesses! I’m also allowed to swim, so we have been slowly getting back into that. Currently I’m on pain-free day 5 so I plan to try a very, very short run this weekend and see how things go.

Road to Nepal ride
Practicing my “taking photos while riding” skills last week

I’ve also gone back to writing down my workouts in a paper planner. I bought a new planner and have really enjoyed writing down my daily/monthly/yearly to-do’s on paper again. On Sunday I sit down and transfer over workouts from my digital planner into my paper planner. Then, as the week goes along each workout gets a green smilie face (done as planned!), a yellow face (sort of done) or a red sad face (workout fail). I also write in a few notes about what I did, and how my foot is feeling.

There are a lot of sad faces in that training week

I’ve got two confirmed races coming up, and one that I’m hoping to register for so training is still continuing. For some reason it always gets easier to follow a training plan when the rest of my life returns to a schedule in the fall.


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