My Latest Obsession – Date Squares

I hadn’t eaten a date square in years but I ordered one as my mid-ride snack when we biked to Millarville and now all I want to eat are date squares!

I decided to make a few of my own today so that I don’t have to ride my bike to Millarville every time I crave one. Not having a go-to recipe I tried out two versions, a traditional one (left) and a paleo one (right).

Date squares

While both are pretty tasty, the traditional square was definitely my favorite. The oatmeal and brown sugar crumble was more in-line with what I was craving. The paleo bars had a greater filling to crust ratio and a nice coconut flavor (from the coconut flour) but required a lot more ingredients and work.

I head back to work on Wednesday but at least now I have two pans of delicious date squares to help ease me back into school.


2 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession – Date Squares

  1. That’s it Going to Cobbs Bakery on the east end of Spruce Grove and inspect the goodies…..maybe I can find something which doesn’t trigger heart burn but satisfies the craving……

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