A Quick Weekend Recap

I went back to work last week and tomorrow is the first official day of school, so I would have usually planned this weekend to be low key but somehow we ended up with non-stop social events instead! I’m tired but glad we finished out my summer vacation on a high note.

I turned 32 on Thursday, so we celebrated on Friday with a few drinks on the patio. I’m really going to miss summer bike rides downtown for after work meet ups. We didn’t stay out late because we had a crack of dawn start on Saturday but it was nice to catch up with everyone.

On Saturday we got up early so Jon could head to work and I could get all our chores done. Patches and I made dessert, cleaned the house, hung out with BFF Brinkley and prepped for school. Then it was off to play in the Sugar Bowl – a charity lawn bowling tournament. We’ve played in the tournament for a few years now and it is a fun event for hanging out on a summer afternoon. We played pretty well and ended up wining (yay!).


From there we rushed off to a BBQ and team t-shirt making party in preparation for the Spartan Sprint Race on Sunday morning. Our team felt that tight white tank-tops were perfect racing attire, so we fancied them up with some of our own artwork.

Sunday morning we got up early again to make it to our 10 am Spartan Race heat. It was my first obstacle race and I had a blast. While we weren’t fast, our team had a lot of fun. I’ll post a full recap later, but here we are as successful “Spartans”:


After the race (and a very long shower), Jon headed back to work and I finished off the last outstanding items on my to-do list. I managed to pack at lot into what I had left of my afternoon – groceries, laundry, dinner for the week, lunches for the week and some school work – but it left me feeling exhausted. I’m really going to miss my summer vacation when the 5 am alarm goes off tomorrow!



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