Calgary Spartan Sprint 2014 Race Recap

The past weekend we participated in the Calgary Spartan Sprint Race. Our heat was on Sunday (10 am) so our team got together on Saturday night to discuss our strategy and make t-shirts.

The race is held at the Wild Rose BMX Park which is only about a 20 minute drive from our place. We left a little early to snag free parking and were there just before 9 am. We got body marked and took a few pre-race photos once the whole team was assembled.

We lined up at the start about 10 minutes before our heat, listened to the pre-race speech and then we were off. We started near the middle since we didn’t plan to be particularly fast. The first few obstacles were pretty simple – an under, some narrow trails, an over-under-through and some hills. Part of the way through the hills there was a short cinder block pull and then more hills and a nice big mud pit.

The first obstacle where I thought I might have trouble was the monkey bars but I made it across and continued on. Shortly after the monkey bars came something called the container crawl which was actually a steep ramp up to the top of a sea-can. They had a slick ramp and an easier ramp with ribs but with a good run it was easy enough to get to the top. Then it was more hills and another obstacle – the sandbag carry.


After the sandbag carry was a water station and then more running. We had to do a tire flip and then a zig-zag balance beam. There was a short run to the inverted wall (which I managed to pull myself over) and then onto the 8′ wall. I needed a butt push to get into a pull-up position and then hoisted myself over. The best part about racing with a team is that you’ve got lots of help getting past the obstacles and a cheering section when you’re successful. Running with a group of 8 isn’t fast but it is fun!

After the wall was a lot of mud – rolling mud pits and the a bar wire crawl where I rolled. We all came out covered in mud but in very high spirits! There was lots of high-giving and group hugs.

image image

After all the mud was a traverse wall, which I fell off immediately and had to do my 30 burpees. Then I missed my spear throw so another 30 burpees. Those things aren’t fun and are the most tiring part of the whole race. After the spear throw was a slippery wall that was climbed with the help of a knotted rope and some team pushing. I failed at the rope climb, did 30 more burpees and then our team reunited for a group finish over the fire leap.


We finished in 1:24:57 and went to take some finisher photos in our muddy state.


Then it was a cold hose shower to get the worst of the mud off and celebratory free beer. It was a really fun race but I was exhausted and it was freezing out so we didn’t stick around long. I was sore for days afterwards but I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!


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