Catching Up

After our Saturday in Kananskis, we continued our long weekend adventures with our usual Sunday morning swim and a full afternoon of lawn bowling. Then on Monday (love those long weekends) Mer and I took Jon out for a road ride around Springbank. We rode it last year and it is a pretty half-day adventure. We had lovely weather other than the wind but Jon let us draft behind him for most of the way into it so it wasn’t too bad.

Snack break!
Snack break!

We finished our long weekend with a trip to the dog swim at the Mount Pleasant outdoor pool. For a $2 donation you can bring your dog to swim on the very last evening it is open. We went right at 6 pm when it started and it was already crazy with dogs. We only stayed a short while but Patches seemed to enjoy it.

Swimming in the pool
Swimming in the pool

For a short work week it felt really busy – school, lawn bowling and parent teacher conferences. Then this past weekend Jon and I participated in our first lawn bowling tournament (on two different teams) and spent Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday bowling. My team lost every game but I had fun and learned tons. I’m sad the season is almost over and I’ve got lots to work on for next year!


It was also a nice opportunity to just be outside and enjoy possibly the last really nice weekend. It was really warm and sunny until about 5 pm on Sunday and it felt good to just have fun and not worry about chores or the house. It started raining and then snowing today and we’ve now got 5 cm or so of accumulation. I know it isn’t going to last but we’re certainly into fall now.

Looking back it has been a busy past few weeks! I love how much fun stuff we’ve been up to but it does feel nice to have a calmer week happening. We still have lots of fun adventures planned for the next few weekends but I can tell we’re both a little run down and will benefit from some time at home. Jon has a cold, there is a little too much dog hair drifting around on the floor and we need to process our honey.


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