An Injury Update – and Why I’m Not Returning to Running Anytime Soon

It’s been almost 2 months since I injured my foot and I honestly thought by this point I’d be back to my usual. Update – I’m not. While I’ve been hiking, biking and going out with the dog, I’m still not pain free. It’s certainly better than it was but it’s stiff in the morning and sore by the end of the day. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing – rolling, stretching and wearing supportive running shoes – but being on my feet all day is slowing things down. Improvements are happening, they’re just not instantaneous.

I had plans to return to running this week – it’s all written out in my planner – with the idea of running a half marathon in October. I even went for a run the other day – 1.5 miles before the dog gave up and we walked until Jon picked us up. I was going to try again today but during my after work dog walk I changed my mind. As much as I love running, I don’t need to return just yet. I’m sure if I give it time – a few weeks, a month, whatever – and keep up my routine it will get better. Then I can return to running pain free, instead of potentially doing more damage.

Mentally I need to get over the fact that not running isn’t going to destroy my fitness. Cycling, swimming and weights are more than adequate (and maybe even better) at keeping me in shape. And while I love running, I also love riding with friends and being in the pool. So for the next while I’m using my new runners strictly for walking and giving myself permission not to worry about returning to an activity that I’m not ready for.


4 thoughts on “An Injury Update – and Why I’m Not Returning to Running Anytime Soon

  1. Keep up the positive attitude, and perspective on how beneficial cross training is to maintain (if not enhance) your run fitness! “They” say that mental modifications such as these make recovery quicker! I am sorry that you are injured, however. Be kind to yourself, and all will be wonderful!

  2. You might want to try some accupuncture for pain relief and stiffness. you might also want to check out so insoles, Go with that Dr. Scholls machine first to see if their insoles help before heading off to the podiatrist. Safe healing!

    1. I’ve got an appointment to see my chiro again this week and will mention the acupuncture. It worked well for my calf so maybe it will do something for my foot!

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