September, October Mini-Goals and 2014 Plans Third Quarter Update

Have I mentioned things have been busy? It’s been crazy around here and I feel like things are going to stay this way for a while. That busyness is why I just sort of skipped over the month of September when it came to goal setting – I was just madly treading water. So, let’s go all the way back to August, recap that and then move on!

Our significant September event - tons of snow!
Our significant September event – tons of snow!

August Goals Recap
Here’s my goals for August went. I was pretty successful if you allow that I also took September to accomplish these things.

1. De-junk and tidy – pretty good actually! Jon worked so hard on tidying our garages and we made a dump run and a thrift store run. For the first time since we moved in we can use both our garages. We have both been out using the wood shop and I’m looking forward to parking the car in the garage once it snows.

2. Get my foot back to normal – things are so much better than they were! I’m still not running but I’m like 90% pain free. There has been lots of foam rolling, a few doctor and specialist visits and I am hopeful that October will be my return to running month.

Foam Rolling
I foam roll in the morning, in my PJs while having a cup of coffee.

3. Swim more – until I went back to work I made it twice a week, then there was a stretch of once a week, a few none a weeks and finally we’re back to once a week. Our pool is open again so swimming should be more convenient.

4. Four “date” nights – Almost! We had a mini-golf date; a picnic and driving range date; and our anniversary dinner.

Attempting to learn to golf
Attempting to learn to golf
You can have a lot of fun when you’re paying with gift cards

2014 Goals – Third Quarter Update

Here’s update 1 and update 2. The third quarter went as follows:


  • Conquering the “up” – we rode The Road to Nepal and climbed up a few mountains. Patches and I have been walking lots on Nosehill too. Still, not really the mastering of uphill that I had imagined.
  • Finally finishing NROL – I’m on to Stage 3 – slowly but steadily working on it.
  • Running more with other people – I haven’t been running since the beginning of July so no progress on this on.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – fail 😦 Next year.


  • Monthly weekends away – We did lots of amazing things, but didn’t actually spend a night away from Calgary in either August or September. We got away lots for day trips and I know that we’ll do more traveling in the fall.
  • Summer road trips – We went to Oregon and the Okanagan for 10 days. It was awesome!
  • Visits to some new US states – We travelled through Idaho and Washington and spent lots of time on the Oregon coast. We are heading to Chicago in a little over a week (yay!)

Oregon beach


Finally a summer spent outside – camping and hiking in Oregon; a backpacking trip; lots of lawn bowling; dog walks on Nosehill; day hiking (Karst Springs, Mount Yamnuska and Glenbow Ranch); and bike riding.

Walking on Nosehill with the mutt
Walking on Nosehill with the mutt
A day trip to Elbow Falls
A day trip to Elbow Falls
Open prairie on Nosehill
Open prairie on Nosehill

Around the House

We got the garages tidied up and lots of tidying up in the house too. I figure we can catch up on the home repairs over the fall and winter once it is less fun to be outside. I’ve also got a new cleaning schedule which is making it much easier to keep our house tidy!


  • Read – I’m at 40 books for the year right now. I’m really enjoying curling up early in bed these days and reading.
  • Take better pictures – I try to bring out the big camera more often but it is just so large. I’m considering something smaller for next year.
  • Play the piano – once so far, so this needs work
  • Update the blog – not yet!

And finally, my Mini-Goals for October

I’m keeping it simple because October is busy!

1. Return to running
2. Enjoy Chicago
3. Complete the three craft projects I have started.



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